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accuracyDefault - Static variable in class unipg.gila.layout.FloodingMaster
accuracyString - Static variable in class unipg.gila.layout.FloodingMaster
activityAggr - Static variable in class unipg.gila.partitioning.ConnectedComponentsComputation
add(Edge<LongWritable, EdgeValue>) - Method in class unipg.gila.partitioning.OpenHashMapEdges
addAll(LinkedListWritable<T>) - Method in class unipg.gila.common.datastructures.LinkedListWritable
addAll(Collection<P>) - Method in class unipg.gila.common.datastructures.SetWritable
added - Variable in class unipg.gila.layout.GraphReintegration.PlainGraphReintegration
addElement(P) - Method in class unipg.gila.common.datastructures.SetWritable
addOneEdge(long) - Method in class unipg.gila.common.datastructures.PartitioningVertexValue
addToForceVector(float[]) - Method in class unipg.gila.common.coordinatewritables.CoordinateWritable
Adds to the internal force vector the values in the given 2-dimensional array.
aggregate(MapWritable) - Method in class unipg.gila.aggregators.ComponentAggregatorAbstract
aggregate(LongWritableSet) - Method in class unipg.gila.aggregators.SetAggregator
allVertices - Variable in class unipg.gila.layout.FloodingMaster
analyze(LongWritable) - Method in class unipg.gila.common.coordinatewritables.CoordinateWritable
Set a new vertex as analyzed.
analyzed - Variable in class unipg.gila.common.coordinatewritables.CoordinateWritable
A set which contains all the ids of the vertices already taken into account.
angleBetween2Lines(Line2D, Line2D) - Static method in class unipg.gila.layout.GraphReintegration
aperture - Variable in class unipg.gila.layout.GraphReintegration.PlainGraphReintegration